Coming SOON, November 13th 2017!

Pre book your FREE session with a refundable $20 booking fee! After your trial, either apply the $20 fee to your membership or get a full refund! Your session must be used within the week of November 13th-18th.

How to Book:

Using the link below, navigate to the sign up tab, then click sign up next to Bam Club Trial. You will be asked for some information and led to choose your session time. We can’t wait to see you there!

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Bam Club

Small Group Fitness Training

Bam Club is a way to provide our unique services in a more cost efficient way and reach more people than is possible with one on one personal training without losing our unique private gym atmosphere. This of course will not be as private as one on one training, however with Bam Club, there will be such small groups, no greater than 5 people per session, each person will still get the individual attention they need from the personal trainer leading the group!

The Workout:

Bam Club will be 30 minute full body workouts, stations and circuits, modifiable for any fitness level, and will incorporate various training styles, such as TRX training, medicine balls, dumbbells, stability balls, core circuits, plyometric exercises, and more! You can expect to build a balanced level of strength, gain endurance, work up a great sweat, and leave feeling accomplished and ready to take on the challenges of the day.

What’s Included:

With our Bam Club membership, clients will receive our custom nutrition plan, and will receive measurements if necessary as related to their goals, and will have the option to add on our 24 Week TOTAL Lifestyle Transformation Program to maximize their experience and results.

Bam Club membership details:

Bam Club membership will be a month to month(every 4 weeks) commitment, on first come first serve basis. Memberships will automatically renew every 4 weeks unless the client gives a 14 day notice that they wish to cancel. Once the sessions reach the maximum of 5 people, they will be closed until a spot opens up. When registering, clients will commit to a specific number of sessions per week, committing to a specific session day and time for each one, just as clients would for one on one training. Payment will be paid in advance for the 4 week membership and sessions must be used at day and times chosen, and sessions do not carry over. If a client misses one and there is availability elsewhere, the trainer may reschedule the client but it is not required.

Membership Options/Pricing:

1 weekly session- $80 every 4 weeks

2 Weekly sessions- $160 every 4 weeks

3 Weekly sessions- $240 every 4 weeks

4 Weekly sessions- $320 every 4 weeks

5 Weekly sessions- $400 every 4 weeks

Session Schedule: 


5:30 am  6:15 am  11:15 am  5:30 pm  6:15 pm


8:45 am 9:30 am


Details Below 

24 Week TOTAL Lifestyle Transformation Program

To get the absolute MOST out of your time spent with us, we recommend adding this Program to your training package!

We have JUST released our newest, most life impacting service yet. This program is an all-encompassing, holistic approach to health and fitness. Have you tried other gyms, fitness challenges, hopped on diet cycle after diet cycle, only to end up back where you started or miserable? This program is intended to help anyone overcome the many food struggles that much of our society faces. Because of poor knowledge of nutrition, many people suffer through binge eating, diet cycle after diet cycle, food restriction and obsessiveness, under-eating, food addiction, and so much more! With this program, we have developed a systematized, structured process that we will guide and direct you through, while teaching you everything you need to know to live the happy, healthy, and content life you deserve. This program includes, personal training option of your choice, 24 weeks of mental coaching, 24 weeks of nutrition coaching, coupled with weekly informative and instructional videos, as well as interactive workbooks with weekly exercises to begin building new habits and retrain your mind! For additional questions, or if this sounds like just what you need, please visit the Contact Us tab and send us a message TODAY! Act quickly because there are limited spots available for this service and we want YOU to be a part of this! If you choose to enter into this program, get ready to embark on one of the most important learning experiences of your life!

Click here for a short video introduction to our program!

Private Training Sessions 


Our personal training services are one on one offered in a private gym setting. With our personal training you can expect just that, a very personal experience. You will gain a friend and accountability partner guiding you the entire way. You can also expect to gain strength, boost confidence, learn proper exercise technique, improve endurance, improve feelings of fatigue and irritability, and learn to build a lasting and sustainable health and fitness lifestyle. Our basic training packages include our Custom Body By Bam Nutrition Plan. Our clients are also added to an awesome community through a private support group on Facebook for interaction between the clients and trainers, as well as constant tips, recipes, motivational posts, etc. Schedule a phone consultation or an in person consultation through the Contact Us tab to meet with a trainer and jump start your journey!

Training package options: (Prices vary based on selection-contact for pricing.)

30 Minute Sessions- 3, 4, & 5 sessions per week

50 Minute Sessions- 2, 3, 4, & 5 sessions per week


Drop In Sessions

Introduction to Strength Training (Intended for beginners only)


This is a one time fee, one time appointment with no further commitment. This is a 50 minute session.  It is a very basic introduction to strength training for beginners, looking for information and demonstrations on basic exercises and movements to jump start their own fitness journey. If you are interested in scheduling our Introduction to Strength Training session, follow this link to the Contact Us tab.