Meet the Team

John Biediger aka Bam

(Owner/Personal Trainer)

John is the owner and founder of Body By Bam. He obtained his personal training certification through ISSA in 2009. He has worked under and learned from other professionals at Peak Fitness and Coops Health and Fitness in Greenville, SC. In 2014 he ventured on his own and founded Body By Bam, LLC. He is an extremely knowledgeable fitness professional, and does a great job of adapting his training style to clients of all different fitness levels. He has a great passion for helping people reach their goals and maintain a healthy lifestlye, and loves continuing his education and learning more about all things health and fitness related. His hobby is natural(drug free) bodybuilding, having placed 3rd or higher at all four of the competitions he has competed in.



Maranda Biediger

(Co-Owner/Personal Trainer)

Maranda, wife of owner, John Biediger, obtained her personal training certification through ISSA in 2015. Maranda originally started as an athlete, playing lacrosse at the collegiate level. After returning home from college, her love of sports was traded for a love of health and fitness. She picked up working out and nutritional knowledge when she began training with John in 2012. Maranda decided to join her husband and make Body By Bam a family business in 2015. She is also a natural bodybuilding figure competitor. She has competed in three competitions, placed 3rd, 1st, won her title as a Figure Pro, and competed at the Pro level. She has a huge heart and a great passion for helping others, especially women, overcome all of the things in life that are holding them back. Her goal is to get all of her clients healthy from the inside out, and to help them embrace their best versions of themselves.

Dustin Lewis

(Bam Club Manager/Personal Trainer)

Dustin is our Bam Club manager and trainer. He has a multitude of skills and brings forth an incredible energy that is sure to leave you feeling energized and excited! He is knowledgeable in many different styles of training as well as nutrition. If you need someone who is enthusiastic, excited, and full of energy, this trainer is your guy! Dustin is an all around athlete, having been a 5 sport high school athlete, a 2 sport college athlete, played on 3 amateur US baseball teams in Germany, Sweden, and Belgium, played for the Veendam Blokes in the Netherlands in 2006, and played for the Osan Cyclones in South Korea in 2007. He is a US Navy Veteran and ISSA certified Fitness Trainer. His mission is to assist people with achieving optimal health safely in all 5 categories( physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual.)