Personal Training Vs. Group Fitness



As we have covered before in a previous blog, fitness is not a one size fits all. Some of the varieties include running, swimming, cycling, zumba, crossfit, powerlifting, yoga, etc. There are many ways one can go about getting started on a health and fitness journey, and the best one is the one you enjoy, and can stick to. With all of the options out there, we want to cover the topic of group fitness compared to personal training because they are different.

  1. Personal training does not refer to a specific type of exercise. Group fitness or fitness genres usually refer to a specific style of exercise. Personal trainers are all different and have different training styles and may utilize various forms of exercise, taking into account their knowledge of what is most efficient and your personal preference.
  2. Personal training entails of all of the factors it takes to reach a specific goal. While hiring a personal trainer is great for motivation and accountability, you can usually get that by joining many various fitness groups. When a personal trainer is hired, they are to teach how to design and adhere to a strategic plan designed for a specific goal. Some of the different factors are sleep habits, water intake, nutrition strategies, exercise routines, etc.
  3. Group fitness or alternative fitness avenues can be utilized while using a personal trainer. As we are personal trainers, we sometimes may recommend our clients engage in various fitness activities outside of what we do together for reaching their specific goal. It is never one or the other. A personal trainer will guide you and teach you how to utilize different forms of exercise depending on your goal.

These are just a few bits of information to show how hiring a personal trainer is different from joining a new fitness group. As you can see, it is possible to be fit, and still not know exactly how to reach your goal. Also, if you have a goal and are new to fitness, joining different fitness groups is a great start, however hiring a personal trainer can be the missing link. A personal trainer can help you come up with a strategic plan that can be executed to reach your goal more efficiently and strategically, while gathering the knowledge that will last you a lifetime of setting and reaching different goals.