Our Story: Part Two

Recently, we shared an old blog post from when we first began as a brand new company. We have come a long way since then, and we still have a long way to go. This post will bring everyone who reads it up to date on where we are now, some of our biggest milestones along the way, and shed a little light on our plans for the future.


Body By Bam established as its own private studio two years ago. As soon as the doors were opened, we were blessed with a gym full of clients. We have maintained a steady clientele since day one. We have been able to see people transform from the inside out. Some of the beautiful people we have trained have gained confidence, lost weight, gained energy, lowered their cholesterol, gained energy, gained strength, gained endurance, and SO much more. We have been front and center of witnessing many people’s lives be forever changed. We have never, and will never, take credit for that. We are simply vessels given a vision and a passion for living out our purpose for Christ and he is due all of the glory of our successes.

As for the studio itself, we have slowly developed an awesome place to train our clients! We added paint, rubber flooring, and new equipment one piece at a time. Our studio now includes a Rogue squat rack and two Rogue Benches, an awesome dead-lifting platform, a heavy duty brand new York leg press, a Hoist assisted dip/pull up machine, free weights(dumbbells and pre-weighted barbells) up to 115 pounds, a leg extension, leg curl, cable machine, smith machine, lat pulldown, GHD, calf machine, several different types of barbells for different training styles, kettlebells, bands of all sizes and strengths, and MORE! Some of you may not know what any of those things are, but to put it simply, we are blessed immensely. We have everything we need for efficient, effective training, and our business is completely debt free! We were gifted a couple of things, and the rest was funded by our profits from our business. We must say thank you SO much to anyone and every one that has supported us in growing our business and helping us build such an awesome facility.


Some of our greatest accomplishments have been two years of Thumbtack(an avenue for finding local services) awards for being the best in Greenville. You can see the link to those on our home page here on the website. We are also in the running this year for the Best of the Upstate 2017 in the Best Personal Trainer category. This is by far the most exciting thing we have been a part of. Just to be in the running and to have made it past the nomination round is so awesome, so regardless of the outcome, we are completely honored to be considered for that award!

Moving forward, we are currently in the process of hiring some people to join us in this awesome adventure! We are in the process of hiring an administrative assistant or “client happiness specialist” to assist in helping make our clients have the best possible experience they can have with personal training services. We are also looking for new trainers to add to our team, so we can reach and help MORE people! Our vision for Body By Bam is to become THE place for personal training and complete, wholesome, lifestyle changes. We want to impact our clients minds, thinking processes, create healthy body images, find and create a healthy lifestyle through an approach of balance, teach healthy nutrition practices, and break through fitness barriers, leading to an all around improved quality of life. Wish us luck and send us prayers as we continue on our adventures and look out for “Our Story: Part Three” sometime in the future!