Mindful Eating


Our culture is so fast paced. We are always moving, and food becomes something just to get us by. We talk and eat. We watch television and eat. We drive while eating. When we finally take the time to sit down and actually enjoy our meals, many people tend to overdo it making up for the times they spend not truly engaged with their meals. I want to share a few tips on how to be more consistent with your nutrition all through a more mindful approach to eating:

  1. Sit down to eat your meals.
  2. Turn off the entertainment/attention grabbers(phone, music, television, etc.)
  3. Limit your conversation over food. Social situations are great and usually involve food at some point or another. Chat before meal time. Chat after meal time. Focus on the flavors and the food when its meal time.

By paying attention to each meal and the foods we are consuming, we will likely get much more enjoyment and satisfaction out of everything we eat, not just those meals we consider “indulgences”. If this sounds like something that may affect you, search for some more information on mindful eating.