Why Drink Water?


You have heard it a million times right? Any time you talk to any health conscious person or health or fitness professional, they preach that you need to be drinking an adequate amount of water. The exact recommendations for how much you truly need are all over the board, but a good starting place is half a gallon(64 oz), or half of your body weight in ounces.

What are some of the reasons for drinking water and its benefits?

  1. It aids in digestion. It helps to lubricate through your saliva to make the process of chewing and swallowing easier.
  2. It also lubricates your joints. The last thing you want is friction in your joints from not having enough fluid around them.
  3. It regulates your body temperature. Through water consumption and perspiration, our bodies can keep our temperatures where they need to be. You can see how not drinking enough water could affect your metabolism through other health conditions if your body temperature cannot regulate itself.
  4. Water carries nutrients throughout the body.
  5. Water is used to flush toxins out of the body by regulating our urination.


As you can see there are a multitude of benefits to drinking water and these only scratch the surface. This is one small step you can take towards being healthier inside and out. Start by swapping out the majority of your drinks with water. and see how it makes you feel!