Non-Meat Protein Hacks

Do you struggle getting enough protein in your diet? As personal trainers, we find that the typical person gets way too little protein in their diet, and usually eats more fat and carbohydrates than we recommend. Now, it is important for us to make sure whoever is reading this is aware that in order to function properly, to keep your hormones balanced, and for optimal performance and health, your body needs an adequate amount of all three of the macronutrients(protein, carbohydrates, and fats). Since the typical person we see struggles greatly with protein intake, we thought it would be nice to share a few foods that are great to incorporate besides the obvious meat products. (Just a disclosure, these are not specific to any particular diet, not dairy free, not nut free, not vegan, etc..)


  1. Greek Yogurt- Greek yogurt is loaded with protein and there are plenty of low fat, low carb versions out there to make this a great high protein snack between meals.
  2. Cheese- Cheese is a great snack to have with fruit or nuts. You can find low fat versions of cheese as well if that is a better fit for your current nutrition plan. Regular or low fat string cheese is great for people on the go to snack on between meals, and usually, kids love it too!
  3. Nuts/Nut butters- Incorporating nuts and nut butters is another great way to sneak a little extra protein into your diet. Most are pretty high in fat so be sure to follow the serving sizes here. For a low fat option there are several brands of powdered peanut butter that has very little fat, but still the benefits of high protein!
  4. Quinoa- A full serving of quinoa is a meal size portion of carbs, but has a great amount of protein as well. Have your meat protein meals along with quinoa in place of rice, pasta, and other lower protein carb sources to get extra in at meal time!
  5. Beans- Almost every type of bean is high in fiber(also important) and protein! Incorporate beans at meal times as well for added protein in your diet.
  6. Egg Whites- Egg whites are pure protein and nothing else. You can add egg whites into smoothies in place of some of your liquid choice to amp up the protein!
  7. Supplements- Protein bars, drinks, powders, et. are another great way to get extra protein into your diet if you are still struggling.

We hope these tips help you get more protein in your day to day food choices! You can make small adjustments to your usual diet and start seeing results, so don’t be afraid to try something new.