Where Does “Happy” Come From?


Our current generation has set unbelievably high standards for us in all aspects of our lives, however the driving force behind those standards are usually competition, having more, or being better than someone else. Again, coming back to our recent blog post of comparison.

This is true in our material possessions, our job titles, our salary, our bodies, our social lives, etc. We are constantly chasing improvement in these areas, leading us to believe they will fulfill us and make us “happy”. Every now and then, we may accomplish something like a new car or a job promotion that makes us feel good and successful. However, that feeling is short lived because someone else you see has a “better” accomplishment than yours and all of the sudden you feel inadequate all over again.

I want to encourage anyone who takes the time to read this to not fall into the trap of these vicious cycles. I encourage you to put your happiness in your deepest values, things that hold true meaning to you, not just things that make others envious of you. You will ultimately find no fulfilment there. Life is way too short to put all of your cares and efforts into things to please other people(which you will never do). Motivate, inspire, and encourage others by standing out and being different. Appreciate what you have, what makes you unique, and embrace all parts of yourself. Evaluate the things you long for and your motives behind them to discover where your energy and time are best spent.