Comparison: The ULTIMATE Thief Of Joy

One of the things that holds people back from self love is the wonderful(sarcasm here) art of comparison. I have been a victim of this many times in my health and fitness journey. I now can recognize this ugly thing pretty quickly and talk myself away from those types of thoughts. What happens when you compare yourself to others, you find yourself unappreciative of the incredible gifts you have been blessed with. Not one human being on this earth is identical to another. We were all created to be unique and wonderful in our own ways!

If you find yourself often wishing you had something someone else has, or that you looked like someone else, I challenge you to put effort into praising yourself and appreciating what is unique about you! Changing your image, losing weight, fitting into smaller clothes, having the best clothes, etc. will never make you love yourself any more. Self love starts within and it starts with a grateful heart.

Here are some steps I have found helpful:

  1. Uplift others with sincerity. If you truly want others to be successful and to be happy, you will not find yourself comparing or competing with them, and you can be genuinely happy for them. We were created to be this way. When you think this way, you will really start to love the person you are, and you will feel much less insecurity.
  2. Give thanks daily. Every day journal or jot down 1-3 things you have to be thankful for. Starting your day off with gratitude will help you to recognize how blessed you truly are, and will help keep those thoughts of comparison and coveting what someone else has at bay.
  3. Talk to yourself with positivity. We all have those constant thoughts running through our minds, some of us more than others. What tends to run through your mind, comes out in your words and actions and shows to everyone around you. If you are constantly tearing yourself down, even if it is just inside your head, you will constantly find yourself envious and jealous of those that “seem” happier to you. When a negative thought about yourself pops in, combat it with a praise and kind words about yourself.