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  • “I began with a Groupon for a week, and have now been going three months strong. I love John’s approach to fitness and changing your eating habits! I’m down 20 pounds, and can’t be happier!”

    Sunny C.
  • “Body by Bam is an awesome place to go if you want your life changed in a more healthier, positive way. They’re not just trainers, but friends who will push and support you. Anything you need, they’ll go out of their way to help you. Maranda and John honestly love what they do and it shows.”

    Kim S.
  • "I have never been more consistent with a workout routine than I have since I started with Body by Bam last year. In the last 15 months, I have put on lean muscle mass I never thought I'd see. I'm also noticeably stronger. John, Maranda and the Team Bam are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. They know how to train you to meet your goals, you'll have a great time doing it and you'll likely make new friends as well. Don't hesitate. Give them a call and get a new Body by Bam!"

    Elliot H.
  • “Maranda has been so awesome to work with! I have a very crazy work schedule and she has been very flexible to get me in for workouts! The diet has been a challenge for me by Maranda has been there every step of the way, even answering all of my questions “can I eat this or that!” I have been working now on wt loss and toning for only 3 weeks and I feel awesome and already see results!!!”

    Becky U.
  • “Maranda, John, and Dustin were an all around amazing group of trainers. I had the opportunity to train with all three and they all have their own training style. My own trainer was Maranda and she was phenomenal. She listened to my goals and set me on the right track for success. I did their 12 week program and I learned so much in those 12 weeks and transformed my body in those 12 weeks. She taught me proper form, how to eat right, and she encouraged me spiritually, emotionally and mentally. She answered all my questions! Anything from food to exercise. I went from not being able to dead lift the bar to deadlifting 200 pounds! Wow! If that’s not progress, I don’t know what is. I cannot recommend this team ENOUGH. They are worth the time and dedication and they listen to your goals and needs. I’m so glad I had the chance to work with them. 10/10.”

    Joanne N.
  • “Love Body by Bam!! Dustin is Awesome!! Always hard… but hey..if it’s easy.. it’s not worth it… Love y’all!!!”

    Susan J.
  • “Maranda has given me the best personal training experience I have ever had. She truly cares about her clients by being flexible and available for us anytime of the day. She customizes individual nutrition plans based on our lean body mass and holds us accountable to tracking our food. I fought her for the longest time but she never he gave up on me. Her positive outlook on life and faith in God is truly contagious. She is more than just a trainer. You won’t be disappointed choosing Maranda as your personal life coach :)”

    Rita B.
  • “You not only get a “personal trainer,” you get a friend, a mentor, and someone who really pushes you all the way, not only in the gym, but outside as well. I’ve learned so much in the few months that I have been with them. Nutrition, discipline, how important it is to love the process, and to never stop wanting to improve and grow. Although it’s often said, it really is life changing.”

    Kristine E.
  • “Awesome training! They really know what they are doing and make you feel really comfortable there!!”

    Alyssa C.
  • "Maranda and John are AWESOME! They are knowledgeable, encouraging, and committed to their clients health.”

    Nancy S.
  • "I love working out at Body By Bam. They have a nice clean facility and the trainer is amazing. He knows exactly what I need and customizer each workout just for me!!"

    Debbie M.
  • "Great team ! Great to work with!"

    Platt M.
  • “Maranda was amazing to work with. She understood my needs and set milestones to help me achieve my goals. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a great trainer.”

    Faye R.
  • "I’d recommend for everyone. Excellent PERSONAL training and advice. The staff are all great people and you don’t feel like “just” a client as they really personalize a plan for you as an individual and you develop a relationship with them as you progress. I’ve tried another trainer out of a big gym chain and there is no comparison – the other group would give me a different trainer every time that didn’t know me or what I was working on."

    Trey H.
  • “I love working out at Body By Bam! I like that it’s a private gym with only the trainers and their clients. Maranda is a wonderful trainer. She keeps me motivated, holds me accountable and pushes me to the next level to help me reach my goals. The workouts are tough, but so worth it! No pain, no gain…I’m sculpting my masterpiece!”

    Kenisha T.
  • “Results speak for themselves! It’s been three months and I already see a huge change in my physical appearance as well as my energy level. My PT is amazing and is helping me reach goals I never thought possible!”

    Faith B.
  • “After multiple failed attempts of my own to cut fat and gain muscle along with failed attempts at a “diet” I wanted to seek help to attain my goals. Once learning about Body By Bam and how they offer distance personal training, I immediately emailed Maranda. I live in Columbia and communicate with her through text and email. She alters my macros and workouts as needed and checks in with me every week to get my weight, measurements, and ask how I’m doing and if my workouts are challenging. I can also text her with questions at any time and she’s always there to answer whatever I need. I’m only about a month into my fitness journey and I’m in LOVE! I’m so glad that I contacted her and I can’t wait to see the results to come!”

    Casey M.
  • “Maranda is an amazing trainer and has given me unlimited support! I feel like I am her only client even though she trains several because we openly communicate daily via text about dieting, work outs, goals, etc. I contacted Maranda because I could tell I was losing hold of my body image due to a poor diet and lack of accountability when it was time for me to hit the gym. In 2 months my body has changed big time…I have lost 14 pounds and I think around 9 inches…not to mention 7% body fat! I recommend her to everyone!!!”

    Michelle S.
  • “I have been working with Maranda at Body by Bam for 3 months. It has changed my life! I am stronger, healthier, happier-and as an added benefit, I’ve lost weight! John and Maranda are professional but also go above and beyond, taking a personal interest in their clients. I highly recommend Body by Bam!”

    Angie A.
  • “I have recently started trying to get back in shape. I went to the free class they offer on Saturdays and it was great. It was hard but it was definitely the workout you are looking for at a pace you can handle. I would recommend this class and their training to anyone.”

    Jennifer D.
  • “They are truly amazing. Life changing in so many ways. And they all care so much for their clients; mind, body, and soul. Good Christian faith behind them as well. They have helped me transform not only physically but mentally also. I would sing their praises from the rooftop if i could.”

    Michelle C.
  • "I recently read an AARP article (5 Key Ways to Lose Weight After 50) and it recommended exactly what I did at Body By Bam to lose weight. It recommends lifting weights to rebuild muscle you start losing around 50 years old. I didn't know anything about lifting weights properly so I signed up for a six month, 3 days per week and 30-minute sessions at Bod By Bam. I lost a lot of weight and put on a lot of muscle."

    Tom W.
  • “Maranda is AMAZING!!! She is SO supportive and encouraging while knowing exactly what you need in order to be successful. She goes out of her way to help you in your process of becoming a healthier you whether it is meal prepping, grocery shopping, or training. She is an awesome accountability partner and genuinely cares about her clients and their success. She is extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and exercise and is happy to answer any question at ANY time. I promise you will not regret it if you hire Body by Bam! I have already seen so much progress in a short time and am learning so much along the way. I am very excited for the future thanks to Maranda and Body by Bam!”

    Meg W.
  • “John and Maranda are both awesome trainers. They’re genuine and extremely caring. They truly want their clients to achieve their goals and will do all they can to help you achieve it!”

    Rosa C.
  • “Training with Maranda has been amazing. As someone who’s always been labeled as athletic or muscular, I felt I could push myself further and become leaner and healthier, but I just didn’t know how to start. Maranda has been encouraging, informative and challenging in all the ways I needed. Within three weeks of eating within my assigned macronutrients and following her workouts, I was down 3.5% body fat and lost inches around my arms and waist. I feel leaner, stronger and overall more confident. Thanks to Maranda, I have the motivation I need to continue over the next several months of my training.”

    Allyson S.
  • “Knowledgeable and caring trainers, convenient central location and helpful nutritional counseling”

    Julie J.
  • “I have been training with John a little over 4 years and have gotten great results gaining 30 pounds of muscle. He mixes the workouts up to keep it interesting and is very good at knowing what his clients can handle pushing them further than they think they can go. He is very knowledgeable about different workouts and nutrition to reach your goals.. You can tell he loves what he does.”

    Chris R.

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